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Ranger Minerals utilizes the most recent research available to keep your beef herd healthy and productive. All minerals are available with Bovatec, Rumensin®, IGR, Clarify, and other fly control products. All minerals are also available with CTC (VFD required).

Spring Ranger Hi-Mag:
The authority for early spring pastures.

  • Elevated Magnesium level to combat grass tetany
  • High levels of vitamins to aid in reproductive efficiency
  • Chelated trace minerals included for reproductive efficiency

Breeding & Calving Ranger:
The authority for the lactating and ovulating cow.

  • Calcium and Phosphorus balanced around forage mineral status
  • Formulated with higher levels of vitamins to maintain healthy eyes and tissues, and support immune function
  • Chelated trace minerals included to promote reproduction

Fescue Ranger:
The authority for grazing endophyte fescue.

  • Binding agent fights negative effects of fescue toxicosis
  • Increased levels of vitamin A & E to promote herd health
  • Chelated minerals included
  • Option of 6% or 2% Phosphorus to match foragePhosphorus in your area

Gestating Ranger:
The authority for the early-mid gestating cow.

  • Fine ground with dust control to improve digestibility and absorption of Calcium and Phosphorus into the body
  • Maintenance level of vitamins to promote health and immune function

Co-product Ranger:
The authority in by-product minerals.

  • Formulated for needs of cattle consuming corn by-products
  • Higher Calcium inclusion and removal of Phosphorus
  • Thiamin added to balance high sulfur content of corn by-products
  • Chelated minerals included
  • Economical due to removal of Phosphorus


Livestock Feed & Supplies

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